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An Atlanta Auto Repair Shop That Can Handle All Your Needs

Twisted Intentionz Performance Shop (T.I.P.S.) is the first Atlanta auto repair shop that is geared towards any and every type of auto optimization, performance, detailing, racing, sound, security, automotive tinting, maintenance and rims. Helping people take their vehicles to the next level is our top priority. We are all about making Atlanta a landmark for auto art and history, one car at a time.

Our business offers premier OEM and aftermarket auto parts, including bolt-on kits or anything that will propel your “car personality”. We feature well known companies like K&N, NGK, Bosch, Wagner, Borla, Strut, Bremo, Stinger, Tokia, etc. With the constant change in technology, we are working hard with top manufactures everyday to make sure we stay ahead of the game.

T.I.P.S. caters to all spectrums of key turners! From your “day-to-day” drivers to your “weekend race warrior” drivers; if it has an engine, T.I.P.S. is the place for you! For your daily dose of T.I.P.S. info, log on to our website for constant updates, product features, car events, customer feedback, the T.I.P.S. Team, custom jobs, celebrities and so much more. T.I.P.S. is most definitely the Atlanta auto repair shop to turn to when you desire a truly luxurious pampering of your vehicle, which only we can provide. We give your car the same treatment you would receive from a five star spa! No other Atlanta auto repair shop will provide you with our extensive experience and fast, yet efficient service. Our one-on-one interaction will give you the benefits of having your own personal mechanic and our dedicated desire to fulfill even your widest car enhancement dreams! 

The T.I.P.S. team is a community of family oriented people that make you feel like family too; not just some company that you come to when your car is broken down or needs some work. T.I.P.S. never wanted to be just some big corporation; rather we want to be a business with integrity. We care for you and your car, which makes it a pleasant place to be even when you don’t need any services at all.

So whether you need aftermarket auto parts, automotive tinting, or just want to stop by and talk shop, come see why we should be your Atlanta auto repair shop of choice.